Sound Design, Implementation


  • dynamic mech layer on gun based on ammo percentage
  • compressor on gun for extra punchy first shot and easy on the ear consecutive shots
  • gunshot reflections
  • speed of sound delay
  • surface dependent impacts scalable by impact angle
  • scalable ricochets based on impact angle
  • different positional environmental impulse responses
  • dynamic gun and clothing Foley based on skeletal mesh movement
  • dynamic footsteps based on movement speed
  • accurate positional dropped casing sounds per bounce
  • random and controllable dynamic wind system, positional and moving sources of wind
  • scalable inside/outside effect with transitions based on player position at entrance
  • ‘ear adaptation’ master compressor allowing quiet sounds to be audible in quiet moments while keeping an accurate dynamic range in the relative volume between sounds
  • performance optimizations: lowest bitrate needed per sound, not playing barely audible sounds (ear adaptation helps with this), prioritize sounds so there is only as close to one sound playing at a time as possible (turning off Foley, ambience etc. during loud sounds)


Audio is implemented using FMOD with Unreal Engine.

I used the unreal FPS demo project for the first part of the implementation, jump/land and reload sounds are from the template. However my dynamic Foley system automatically adds Foley to these actions.